Amendment to the purchase procedure.
Before, we allow customers to reserve their preferred number online and complete the purchase at the shop within 48 hrs. However, there’s an increase of users making multiple reservations without completing their purchase. Thus, we decided to stop the reservation.

Moving forward, we will charge a non-refundable $20 deposit on all orders received.

About Golden Number

Golden Number is a specialist in providing our clients with top quality memorable mobile phone numbers, often referred to as Diamond, Platinum and Gold number.

Our focus on providing exclusive mobile numbers to our discerning clientele has earned us an exceptional reputation when trying to find rare and exclusive mobile numbers.

All numbers in our website are Pre-paid SIM. After purchase, you can keep it as a regular pre-paid SIM or convert them to a post-paid SIM at any telco of your choice.

SIM numbers updated on 20 May 2020.